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We perform onsite classes in Security Education. Information is provided as to the current trends in malware attacks. Provided, is a listing of various companies that will perform free antivirus scans. Spam and the various Phishing attacks are discussed. Various links are provided to report Spam to various vendors. Instructions are provided on how one can minimize being a victim of cybercrime. We also provide information in how to protect your mobile devices.
When an account is "hacked", it is classified as being compromised. We provide information on how to tell if your accounts has been hacked. Links are provided to many companies where one would report their account was hacked. Tips are provided on what to do if this situation occurs. Securing your wireless router is a key in preventing your network from being compromised. Lists are provided for Firewalls and VPNs that one can install to prevent hacks.
The reporting of cybercrime is a must. Links are provided for the various forms needed in the event of cybercrime. We also provide a list of items that you should obtain and keep as evidence if you become a victim of cybercrime. We explain what to do in the event you are a victim of Identity theft and what agencies you are to contact. Instructions are provided for victims of cyberbullying or on-line stalking.
Meet the Founder
  1. Joseph Calloway
    I have over 30+ years of experience in the fields of IT Auditing & Security. I am a secured member of InfraGard which is dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United State. I am also an advocate of the National Cyber Security Alliance with the goal to educate everyone in computer security.
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